This is a monthly subscription plan!

$15 a month! 
Every month in our Facebook group you will receive 3 DIGITAL templates! NOT A PHYSICAL item!! These templates will be exclusive to group members for 30 days. I will go live painting at least ONE of the designs each month. (Normally 2).  Templates will be posted between the first and fifth of every month. Video will be posted by the 15th of each month. 
A JPEG and blockposter ONLY will be provided for each design! I DO NOT PROVIDE LASER FILES. TEMPLATES WILL BE DELETED from the group After 60 days. So be sure to save them at some point throughout the month! New members will have access to the previous months designs! (Previous months designs will need to be saved from the group, ONLY the new months designs will be emailed!) All items get cleaned out of the group on the 30th of each month  it is your responsibility to watch videos and save content that you need  it cannot be emailed after it’s removed  

You will be automatically charged each month on the day that you sign up. If you sign up on the 1st you will be billed on the 1st of every month. 
You can cancel at anytime by logging into your PayPal and canceling the subscription. 
If a payment fails to process you will be removed from the group on the last day of the month. 

Blanks of the designs can be purchased through Home Creations Milling and Signage each month if you do not cut your own pieces. You will receive 30% off the template club designs and 15% off of the other items on their site. 

You may not alter these templates to resell, or sell the original templates. You also may NOT sell blanks of the designs or printed items. You’re more than welcome to use them for paint parties, to create beautiful doorhangers or minis for yourself or for your business! 
In the group you will also find a 40% off code to use on all digital templates on my website. 

Please use your Facebook name when subscribing. You will be accepted into the group on April 1st!
Once you subscribe GO TO FACEBOOK AND REQUEST TO JOIN THE GROUP!! That is where all templates and videos will be posted!